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& Photographs

ITOWF @ Dirty 30

Live photos of ITOWF at Dirty 30 in Dallas on July 22, 2017 (All photos by Vincent Venegoni)

“Communication” live from Tomcats West in Ft.Worth, TX

I'm The One Who's Fighting performing "Communication" live at Tomcats West in Fort Worth. (shot on mobile phone by Niki Campbell)

Live at City Tavern 04/05/2014

Live photos of ITOWF at City Tavern in Dallas on April 5, 2014 (All photos by Justin Schaefers)

Live @ J&J’s Pizza

We had such a great time playing with Prostinaut and Super Hero / Super Villain in the basement of J&J's Pizza in Denton.

Tracking drums for “Perfect Daughter”

Some candid footage of the band during set up for track-recording drums to the song "Perfect Daughter"

At RGRS & Practice Room

Candids by Nick and Chris before playing the show RGRS, & during recording.

ITOWF @ The Crown & Harp 05/04/2013

I'm The One Who's Fighting will be playing live on May 4, 2013 at The Crown & Harp (formerly The Cavern) on Lower Greenville, Dallas, TX

Chemical Lock

|| Video || Self recorded and produced by I'm The One Who's Fighting at Casa de Forte (a band-made sound room nestled inside a former one-car garage).

Slap Chop

|| Video || Found-footage music video set to the song "Slap Chop," from the 'Sounds Tits' (EP) by I'm The One Who's Fighting

Music Video Recording Pics

|| Photos || Instagram stills taken during the recording of the performance footage for the "Chemical Lock" music video.

ITOWF – recording

|| Video || 10 second riffs!!!

ITOWF – auxiliary guitars

|| Video || Josh checks the tone before laying down more guitar tracks

Nick is back and ready to solo

|| Video || Setting up to record solo for "Chemical Lock"

ITOWF – Push It

|| Video || Fucking around in between setups

Random Artsy Photos

|| Photos || Random photos taken while at practice or recording, and destructed thru the iPhone app "Decim8"

Rehearsal Pics

|| Photos || Various recording and practice photos taken at Casa de Forte

& Albums


Our Recordings

Our first EP, titled ‘Sounds Tits,’ is available for download at BandCamp for $3, or $1 per song. It is free to stream, and is playable in the area provided.

Recorded at Junius Recording Co., and partially at Casa de Forte, the EP was Produced by Lindsay Graham & ITOWF. Mixed by Lindsay Graham & Chris Carmichael (Junius), and Mastered by Carl Saff (Saff Mastering).

All other releases have been recorded at Casa de Forte, and have been engineered, produced, and mixed by the band. They are as follows:



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Who is
the band is:


Josh Campbell

Vocalist & Guitarist

Josh comes from a musical family. His father was keyboardist in a regularly gigging jazz fusion/rock band, JR Brass. Josh’s earliest musical experience came as drummer for a psychedelic band during middle school and early high school years. His parents encouraged the family’s musical endeavors, even his little brother, Caleb Campbell, is a regular in the Denton music scene. Since Josh’s band practiced out of his house, he had access to piano, drums, and guitar. It quickly became apparent that the guitar is where his true passion reside, and he quickly put together a new set of players with him up front.

Josh met Nick by reputation in high school, as he needed to replace his bassist in a group already set to perform for the school’s talent show. It was at this show they met Chris’s band, and the two groups joined to form Orange Peel Sunshine. Josh led OPS for over 10 years. During a period when OPS lost Nick to Seattle, Josh kept in creative contact with him, and the two wrote songs under the moniker Bueno Tornado. After OPS called it quits, Josh and Nick continued to create music, and performed a live show as a two-piece. At the beginning of 2012 they called upon Chris, and I’m The One Who’s Fighting was born.

Nick Forte


Nick, too, grew up in a musical household; his father, Nick Sr., is still a regularly gigging drummer. With an early exposure to his dad’s drums and piano, his sense of rhythm was almost in-born, his creativity and talent almost second nature. He received his first guitar as a teenager, and spent nearly every free moment by his boom box learning his favorite songs by ear. With easy access to drums, guitar, and his dad’s piano, Nick can switch musical hats at the drop of, well, a hat.

He performed in plenty of punk and hardcore bands in high school, but it wasn’t until he met Josh that fate would unfold. Filling in as bassist in Josh’s band for a talent show, it wasn’t long after that the two decided to start Orange Peel Sunshine. Nick was the obvious choice for drums. Always looking for multiple avenues of creative output, Nick also wrote hardcore songs as the guitarist of Far From Rooted, a side-project during his time with OPS. After the fold of OPS, Nick and Josh continued to create songs as Kid Skin Sells, a guitar/drum two-piece, which quickly became the ITOWF three-piece. Nick continually contributes guitar, bass, drum and vocal ideas in the band.

Chris Skinner


Chris is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, and first picked up the bass after a pawn shop purchase as a sophomore in high school. He used the vast resources of the internet to learn the basics at a young age, but honed his live performance craft as a youth group music leader at his local church with weekly practices and shows. Having simultaneously learned to play guitar alongside his fellow youth group band members in order to play the bass parts, he feels at ease in either role of melody or rhythm. He was a founding member of the ITOWF‘s initial incarnation, as bassist for Orange Peel Sunshine.

Ever the student of technology, Chris has brought a zeal for DIY when it comes to recording, mixing, and general audio engineering. He’s even dipped his toes into the waters of effects pedal building, which began as a hobby of circuit-bending old children’s electronic toys (such as the beloved 80s device, the TI Speak & Spell). He quickly established himself as the guru of the group. Chris has in recent years picked up the melodica and the ukulele, and he can carry a beat on drums too, but don’t ask him to do any fills.

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For booking inquiries, contact Josh Campbell at josh@itowf.com.

If you’re interested in obtaining copies of our music, or an electronic press kit, please check out our Media Section.

Email address: general@itowf.com
Phone: (214) 677-7499